Amato, et. al. v. Elicker, et. al.: Preliminary Injunction Brief

“The Defendants have forcibly stripped, at the threat of punishment and wholly by executive fiat, the citizens of the state of Connecticut including the Plaintiffs of many of their civil liberties – the right to freely assemble, the right to freely associate with other people, and the right to pursue an honest living. Contrary to the Defendants’ assumptions, these rights, guaranteed by both the federal and state constitutions, do not cease to exist at the first sign of a public emergency. They endure as unmistakable and counter-majoritarian statements of where the people have determined that the public interest truly lies: the preservation of liberty. Neither the federal nor the state constitution contain any provision that states that the various executives, or the legislature, may redefine the public interest to completely suspend constitutional rights in the name of a crisis.”

Full brief is available here:

Dkt 11_TRO Application

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