Cameron Atkinson Lands Opinion Contributor Gig At The Federalist Society.

As many of my readers know, I am an extremely opinionated individual about a lot of things: sports, politics, the law, and just about anything else that I take the time to form an opinion on. Of late, I have taken to stirring the pot more than I usually do, and apparently some quality that I possess has caught some eyes. I do not know if it is my logic, my stubbornness, my insights, my general relish for causing trouble, or my connections.

What I do know is that the Federalist Society has recruited me to contribute constitutional, legal, and philosophical opinions on matters of public and legal concern to its national blog and its other publications. I have accepted their gracious invitation, and I look forward to penning many opinions for the Federalist Society. Unlike many of the opinions that I post here, my Federalist Society contributions will strictly be in the scholarly vein. You will still be able to enjoy or seethe over my more inflammatory remarks here.

I have a very strong and cordial relationship with the Federalist Society for more than a few years now. I met some of my best friends through the Federalist Society, and I have enjoyed the robust intellectual debate that the Federalist Society provides. I served as a vice president of my law school’s student chapter for two years, and I have also enjoyed the challenges that working with the Federalist Society poses in general. I am delighted to continue my work for them and to have the opportunity to start some debates myself!

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