NY Healthcare Workers Second Circuit Oral Argument.

Today has been hectic. I got up at 6:00 AM and psyched myself up to try a case that I have been preparing for several weeks. After getting to the courthouse at 8:00 AM and horsing around with the marshals for half an hour, the clerk walked over to me at about 8:45 AM and let me know that the trial would not be proceeding forward because of a possible COVID exposure among the participants. I then told him that I had met recently with one of the exposed participants.

I walked out of the courthouse with more than a six foot bubble being enforced around me while teasing people with the call of Biblical lepers: “unclean, unclean.” I will get a COVID-19 test this afternoon.

Depending on the results of that COVID-19 test, I will present oral argument in the Second Circuit tomorrow at 10 AM on behalf of my brave clients – Diane Bono, Michelle Melendez, Michelle Synakowski, and We The Patriots USA, Inc. – who are challenging New York’s ultimatum to healthcare workers requiring them to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in violation of their religious beliefs or be fired and barred from the healthcare field in New York.

You can listen to the oral argument live below as the public is not being allowed into the courtroom:

My clients have then asked me to hold a press conference outside the Second Circuit to present their story to the nation. I will be speaking to the press and the public at 11 AM at the steps of the Second Circuit courthouse in Manhattan, New York on September 29, 2021.

Today has been crazy. I look forward to what tomorrow will bring – a day heavy with the fate of liberty in our country.

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