Gagged In Arizona: How A Restraining Order Now Perpetuates The U.S. Government Cover-Up Jodi O’Malley Exposed.

I have the good fortune to be part of a firm – Pattis & Smith, LLC – that strongly believes in free speech and opposing government overreach. To be effective in the latter, our client – Jodi O’Malley – needs every iota of her free speech rights. When she became a whistleblower for Project Veritas and retained us to represent her, we knew that attempts would be made to silence her. Those attempts have now slaughtered the First Amendment for political convenience in a way that is unrecognizable in American law.

Some background is in order. Ms. O’Malley is a nurse supervisor at Phoenix Indian Medical Center – a federal government facility that exclusively treats Native Americans. During her work there, she learned of consistent patterns of dangerous and potentially unlawful behavior including the experimental treatment of Native American COVID-19 patients with drugs that shut down their vital organs and doomed them to their deaths, the failure to allow COVID-19 patients to elect other treatment options, and chronic failures to report COVID-19 vaccine side effects as required by federal law. Ms. O’Malley tried to work within the federal system to remedy these behaviors, but, once she saw that the federal system had no interest and actually threatened medical professionals with termination for doing the right thing, she turned to the press to expose what the United States government was doing to Native Americans.

The efforts to shut her up did not take long, and they have taken multiple forms. The most egregious one came yesterday. An Arizona sheriff’s deputy served Ms. O’Malley with a year-long civil restraining order prohibiting her from harassing someone and imposing a number of other onerous conditions on her that subject her to arrest and punishment if she violates them. The order is so broad, vague, and unmoored from First Amendment standards that it operates as a gag order or a prior restraint on Ms. O’Malley’s ability to criticize the United States government and its employees.

Even more alarming is that Ms. O’Malley never received an opportunity to be heard on the order before it was issued. She is left to dispute it after the fact.

The allegations supporting the order cannot survive any manner of First Amendment analysis. Instead of alleging that Ms. O’Malley harassed someone, the allegations claimed that anonymous internet commentators had left threatening comments directed at someone on various news articles. Those allegations, however, could not claim that Ms. O’Malley even remotely called for any consequences at all for the person(s) referenced, let alone illegal ones.

The First Amendment permits even federal employees to criticize their government and its employees. Ms. O’Malley did just that. The First Amendment only restrains a person’s speech on matters such as the ones that Ms. O’Malley spoke on in a limited number of circumstances – i.e., incitement or true threats.

Ms. O’Malley threatened no one in any fashion, let alone in the fashion required to meet the Supreme Court’s true threats analysis. She did not issue any calls for anyone to act in any fashion, let alone in the unlawful fashion necessary to satisfy the Supreme Court’s incitement analysis. Even the sworn allegations against her clearly reflect these facts.

We refuse to let Ms. O’Malley be silenced or the First Amendment to die on the altar of a political coverup. The restraining order that she is now subject to should have never been issued, and the First Amendment will ensure that it falls even if we need to take her story and her case to the United States Supreme Court to vindicate her rights.

We also further renew our call for the United States Congress to investigate the outrages perpetuated at the Phoenix Indian Medical Center. Ms. O’Malley stands ready and willing to testify to what she has witnessed.

Ms. O’Malley and her son are currently raising funds to assist her efforts to tell the truth and move forward with her life as the political coverup dramatically upends her life. If you wish to assist them, you can learn more at the link below:

Cameron L. Atkinson

Cameron Atkinson is a Christian, a published constitutional scholar, a trial and appellate lawyer, and a general hell-raiser. He has received national recognition for his victories in civil rights cases, especially in First Amendment cases. Attorney Atkinson stands out for his written advocacy, and he has taken the lead role in briefing cases to the United States Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, the Connecticut Supreme Court, the Connecticut Appellate Court, and multiple New York appellate courts. Attorney Atkinson has successfully represented clients facing criminal charges, including successfully arguing for the reversal of a sexual assault conviction before the Connecticut Supreme Court. He will accept requests for public speaking engagements on a case-by-case basis.

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