Breaking: Pattis & Smith, LLC Files For U.S. Supreme Court Relief On Behalf Of New York Healthcare Workers & We The Patriots USA, Inc.

At 4:55 PM, Sunday, October 31, 2021, my colleagues Norm Pattis and Austin Voss and I filed an emergency application with the United States Supreme Court seeking to block New York’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate’s elimination of religious exemptions. Our firm, Pattis & Smith, LLC, and we appreciate the confidence that our clients – We The Patriots USA, Inc., Diane Bono, Michelle Melendez, and Michelle Synakowski – have placed in us. We further appreciate the overwhelming number of offers of help that we received this weekend.

A full copy of the application for emergency relief is embedded below. We will have already begun planning our next move if this step fails, but we remain optimistic that the United States Supreme Court will put a stop to this blatant religious discrimination in New York.

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