The Nuremberg Follies: Why The Nuremberg Code Was Meaningless The Day It Was Written & Remains So.

Periodically, I get deluged with emails and messages from folks searching for any legal basis to resist COVID-19 mandates. A common refrain in these communications is a desperate reliance on the Nuremberg Code as providing some sort of controlling legal authority in the United States. I generally ignore these communications. As a lawyer, I can... Continue Reading →

Breaking: Pattis & Smith, LLC Files For U.S. Supreme Court Relief On Behalf Of New York Healthcare Workers & We The Patriots USA, Inc.

At 4:55 PM, Sunday, October 31, 2021, my colleagues Norm Pattis and Austin Voss and I filed an emergency application with the United States Supreme Court seeking to block New York's COVID-19 vaccination mandate's elimination of religious exemptions. Our firm, Pattis & Smith, LLC, and we appreciate the confidence that our clients - We The... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Bound: NY Healthcare Workers Will Take An Appeal To The United States Supreme Court.

I have unfortunate news to announce. The Second Circuit issued an order today denying our clients' bid to obtain a preliminary injunction against New York COVID-19 vaccination mandate for healthcare workers that eliminates religious exemptions. The Second Circuit has promised a forthcoming opinion, but it has issued its order without the opinion. My colleagues and... Continue Reading →

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