Self-Defense To Self-Defense: Making Sense Of The Breonna Taylor Indictment Decisions.

In the wake of the Breonna Taylor indictment decisions, I gave a friend lamenting the decisions a challenge: "Reconcile legitimate self-defense with an authorized policing tactic, which legitimizes self-defense to the self-defense." Given that we were both in the middle of a busy workday, he certainly didn't have enough time to try if he wanted... Continue Reading →

The Reality Of Constitutional Constraints: Government’s Monopoly On The Legitimate Use Of Force.

Last night, I had an exchange with a Facebook acquaintance who sought my opinion on a video where a commentator stated that no business is required to adhere to any COVID-19 regulations because governors and states have not implemented the regulations by statute or an administratively formulated regulation. My initial reaction was to contemptuously dismiss... Continue Reading →

Degree Conferred: Give Us More Money.

My Quinnipiac University M.B.A. diploma arrived by its solitary self today. Its story is the culmination of a two and half year experience that was anything but instructive, educational, pleasant, or professional. You've been warned, diehards. School loyalty is a foreign concept to me. My diploma's arrival was the first official indication from the Quinnipiac... Continue Reading →

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