Trump’s First Impeachment: When A Federal Prosecutor Tangles With Jury Nullification And Loses….

This past weekend, I had occasion to critically read Adam Schiff's Midnight In Washington. Schiff served as the lead House prosecutor for then-President Donald Trump's first impeachment trial, and Midnight in Washington is his account of Trump's "indictment" by the House and his impeachment trial in the Senate. Schiff's account is telling. Regardless of whether... Continue Reading →

Breaking: Pattis & Smith, LLC Files For U.S. Supreme Court Relief On Behalf Of New York Healthcare Workers & We The Patriots USA, Inc.

At 4:55 PM, Sunday, October 31, 2021, my colleagues Norm Pattis and Austin Voss and I filed an emergency application with the United States Supreme Court seeking to block New York's COVID-19 vaccination mandate's elimination of religious exemptions. Our firm, Pattis & Smith, LLC, and we appreciate the confidence that our clients - We The... Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Bound: NY Healthcare Workers Will Take An Appeal To The United States Supreme Court.

I have unfortunate news to announce. The Second Circuit issued an order today denying our clients' bid to obtain a preliminary injunction against New York COVID-19 vaccination mandate for healthcare workers that eliminates religious exemptions. The Second Circuit has promised a forthcoming opinion, but it has issued its order without the opinion. My colleagues and... Continue Reading →

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