Notice of Appeal In NY Healthcare Workers’ Vaccine Mandate Case.

Within an hour of my previous post announcing my office's filing for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction on behalf of We The Patriots USA, Inc., Diane Bono, Michelle Melendez, and Michelle Synakowski, the federal district court in New York denied it without explanation. We are disappointed in this summary disposition, but we have... Continue Reading →

Personal Beliefs, Not Religious Beliefs: Colorado Anoints Itself Supreme Arbiter Over Whether Alex Cullen’s Beliefs Are Religious.

I have seen some crazy iterations of blatant First Amendment violations in fighting college vaccine mandates, but the state of Colorado has managed to be so blatantly hostile to my client's, Alex Cullen (a University of Colorado medical student), religious beliefs that it is the worst First Amendment violation I have seen by far. Instead... Continue Reading →

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