Avoiding The Cheating Line: Election Security & The Blockchain.

Count me among the skeptics that former Vice President Biden will win the 2020 election by virtue of election fraud. I would need to see hard and substantial evidence before I even start leaning in that direction. President Trump, however, needs far less. He has filed two lawsuits and moved to intervene in a U.S.... Continue Reading →

Yale, Will You Change Your Name?

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I am no fan of the farcical crusade that race-agitating mobs have embarked on to put symbols of American history out of sight, out of mind. Just the other day, New Haven's Mayor, Justin Elicker, orchestrated the removal of the Christopher Columbus statute in what was likely a... Continue Reading →

Voting Libertarian… Kinda… In November.

I am voting Libertarian in the November election. The decision was not easy, and it involves more calculated thinking that I would care to admit.  At the same time, watching the Libertarian nominee for president kick off the early stages of her campaign makes me wonder what I have chosen to support. Consequently, I am... Continue Reading →

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