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  1. Moab ex police chief should have to share his whereabouts when he took leave during the case. He’s also the one who supposedly got the phone call about the alleged “domestic” between Gabby and Brian.

  2. Would love to hear an update on this First Amendment “violation”? How did this turn out for her? I’m guessing not well?

  3. Now that it’s November 11, I and other doctors on Long Island have been told we cannot enter the hospital to care for our patients because our religious exemptions have been rescinded. How is this possible? Where is the constitutional protection? Are there now any appeals in motion to protect our rights?

  4. Is it possible to get a video or audio recording of the hearing (or at least a transcript)? I listened to the live feed. I believe that some of the comments I heard from the judges were factually incorrect or religiously biased/hostile.

  5. Jesus Christ (offensive). You need some serious help. You thought you could go to a private law school in one of the most liberal states in the country and try to “save” gay people with your fake religion and everything would be fine? You’re a racist homophobe, and it’s sad that law schools weren’t able to see that someone like you should never have the power and privilege to practice law.

  6. Our family is counting on you winning, once you lose sovernty over your own body by being forced to inject something into your body that will be the first step to lose everything the rest of your life

  7. Is there a new date since the case was postponed on 10/14? I’ve searched and it is impossible to find.

  8. I’d like to throw down the proverbial gauntlet and grant you the attention you sought in your “scorched earth” post against QU. Pick any of the inflammatory issues you’re peddling and let me know in advance what said topic is. I’ll submit my argument and we can debate the matter on the merits. You can post our respective stances side-by-side. I will defend a liberal view and will be as forthright as possible in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of said liberal position. You can put your logic and reasoning to the test in defense of your conservative views accordingly. I’d even challenge you to put a survey at the end of your post and let your readership decide who was more convincing.

    If you’re interested, respond to this comment and let me know!

    1. You’ve spent the last two to three weeks anonymously taking personal shots and now want to “grant [me] the attention [I] sought…?” Just how arrogant and self-righteous are you?

      If you have a problem with me, I am not a hard guy to find, and I don’t need to hide behind internet anonymity.

      In other words, I am not interested in a personal war with an internet troll.

      1. Apologies if I offended you, though I am not sure what “personal shots” you’re referring to. I assumed you wrote a blog, posted your thoughts, and created merchandise with your likeness for people to buy, such that you would be heard. You also noted recently on social media you sought national fame, no? Am I incorrect that you’re looking for an audience? Or, is it that you’re looking for an audience who agrees with your views?

        In your QU post, you lamented that no one argued with you on the merits of topics, and instead insulted your mental well-being or tried to silence you. I have done no such thing. In fact, I am offering to have an academic debate with you on whichever topic you choose because I am confident I can hold my own on the merits. I didn’t realize this made me a troll. Isn’t this what you wanted (albeit, perhaps a little later than would have been ideal)?

        As for being anonymous, that’s a choice I’ve made thus far. I have no problem revealing my identity if that makes a difference to you.

  9. I commend her for having the balls to stand up and say what she’s actually seen and have recordings to verify what she’s saying I appreciate her and I support her 100% and for those who are concerned about whatever violations she May have committed Let’s start with the problem the government FDA CDC!!!

  10. Thank you Mr. Atkinson! Continue to fight for these workers. They worked during the entire pandemic somethimes without PPE without fail and they should have the option to express their religious freedom and test weekly to keep themselves and the public safe and support their families. Besides fully vaccinated people are getting COVID and can be asymtomatic spreaders (something just as dangerous) just look at Brett Cavanaugh who only through testing was diagnosed with COVID, so weekly testing should be an option.
    Continue to fight for these workers and secure their freedoms!

  11. I’m pretty sure she has at least three HIPPA Violations on the video? I’m no 17 year old lawyer that hasn’t shaved for the first time but as I read the law….she violated it.

    Covered Entities
    The following types of individuals and organizations are subject to the Privacy Rule and considered covered entities:

    Healthcare providers: Every healthcare provider, regardless of size of practice, who electronically transmits health information in connection with certain transactions. These transactions include claims, benefit eligibility inquiries, referral authorization requests, and other transactions for which HHS has established standards under the HIPAA Transactions Rule.

    Permitted Uses and Disclosures
    A covered entity is permitted, but not required, to use and disclose protected health information, without an individual’s authorization, for the following purposes or situations…..

    Can you show the authorization on her instagram page that will remove any doubt that she had permission to share and disclose?

    HIPAA Security Rule
    While the HIPAA Privacy Rule safeguards protected health information (PHI), the Security Rule protects a subset of information covered by the Privacy Rule. This subset is all individually identifiable health information a covered entity creates, receives, maintains, or transmits in electronic form. This information is called “electronic protected health information” (e-PHI). The Security Rule does not apply to PHI transmitted orally or in writing.

    It sure looked like she had a screenshot of a patients medical record (electronic) in the video? That would be a violation?


    1. Its spelled HIPAA not HIPPA

      and no she didnt violate HIPAA in fact covid patients in a federally owned medical facility or any med facility that gets federal grants sign a HIPAA waiver for their cases to be talked about.

      1. If that is truly the case it is not for a random nurse to take their story and run with it!! Please!!!

      2. 100% wrong…no waivers are signed allowing their PHI to be released to the general public. Prove it? Show us the waiver? signed by the patient?

    2. Wow, such idiot. The former nurse clearly had no business borrowing the title. She demonstrates zero capacity to synthesize evidence: “unusual, therefore caused by vaccine”. Former nurse demonstrates a complete disregard for patient privacy – cardinal ethics for any healthcare provider. She is an imminent threat to the health and safety of the general population. Fotmer nurse deserves prison, nothing less.

  12. My, those things going on in our government are scary. It’s good to be learning those things.

  13. I feel the same, but we’re one of few given the accepted narrative that Laundrie and his family are all narcissists and that Gabby was a meek, pathetic doe with every vibrant spark of life snuffed out from her very being before she even took her last breath. I despise that narrative. I believe, if anything, it was a crime of passion, an accidental.

    1. You do not know!!!!
      twisted story anyway you view it.
      How could a man drive off leaving a dead girlfriend . I gathered he was controlling and possessive .
      That does not always lead to murder.
      Sure his family been real jerks.,
      To say the least.
      Possessive is not love.
      He did not love her.
      I know that.

  14. Hello, I am a physician employed by HHC in NYC. I have been suspended without pay for refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate. I filed for a religious exemption before 9/27, which was rejected. Does this mean they must reinstate me until 10/14, or does this only apply to people whose religious exemptions were accepted by their employer? Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  15. Sounds like Cameron Atkinson’s raging homosexual needs are causing him brain fog.
    He should take it up the ass to see if he likes it. Most of these evangelicals are closet queers anyway.

  16. thank you! I just donated since I am so thankful for all you are doing! I am a healthcare worker and have an approved exemption – only thanks to groups like this am I still employed at my hospital! thank you !

  17. Thank you for fighting for all the healthcare workers who have NO ONE on their side right now. We feel helpless and scared. Keep fighting for our rights to liberty and justice for all! 🇺🇸 Our rights are being violated. This is illegal and unconstitutional. We will not comply!

  18. What happens to the hospitals, that went ahead and used fear tactics insisting their employees get the vax .. Garnett Health Care Center in Middletown NY

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