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  1. You’re right. Such a military showing is troubling in the Nation’s Capitol. Wonder who/what prompted that…

  2. pornhub wasn’t posting child porn on twitter, but trump was inciting violence on twitter. that’s why he was banned

  3. Amazing that you’re (supposedly) an attorney and don’t realize that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to private enterprises like social media companies.

  4. I am proud of you! A thinking man, who has made himself a Constitutional scholar, and of impeccable moral character with a conscience that can be easily entreated to find empathy for a tragic result of human depravity in need of redemption. Dad.

  5. After reading the judge’s decision, three points immediately came to mind. First, whether this was an occasion where FRCP sections 11(b)(2)-(3) were theoretically applicable. Second, whether MRCP 3.1 was pertinent. Third, whether pro se representation weakened the legitimacy of your suit.

    Unrelatedly, I couldn’t help but chuckle at your banner head. I love the irony of “pulling oneself up by their bootstraps when that’s physically impossible.” I appreciate the humor (sarcasm?).

    1. How? By the same person who doesn’t have any guts and has so much time on their hands to leave three anonymous comments? Good luck. To the extent you want to make me more money and more fame by sharing this far and wide, make my day.

  6. Seems like what a Qunnipiac and Liberty education would get you (failure if that isn’t clear to you already). Leave the thinking to the big boy ivy leaguers

  7. Wow this is really sad–I feel for you. Must be so hard to have an ego that causes you to blame others for your own ineptitude to pass a fairly trivial exam.

  8. I think what is really interesting to see about ACB’s confirmation is how that we will see how far a states right to protect life will be. For instance certain women have a very high chance of miscarriage, say, above 50%. A state that is interested in protecting the lives of children may pass laws mandating sterilization for women with such miscarriage rates (as allowing them to conceive would be hugely dangerous), and I’d love to see how the court rules on it. The potential number of lives lost by women recklessly conceiving despite the likelihood of their child dying is irreconcilable.

    1. If we love sticking blindly to precedent, the Court already has upheld forced sterilization related to a public health goal in Buck v. Bell in 1927, relying on the same case law that supports the current pandemic restrictions. Buck v. Bell has never been formally overruled by the Supreme Court although it has been universally excoriated.

      That being said, I don’t see any state taking the heavy-handed approach of forcing sterilization. I’d see states saying though that natural miscarriages as opposed to intentionally induced miscarriages are a natural and unfortunate incident of life. I’d also see their health departments pushing pre-conception contraceptive solutions.

  9. Intellectually honest and logically compelling; also, high moral character to write with courage what neither side in the cultural divide will acknowledge is the truth in a constitutional republic.

    1. At least I have the guts to say what I think instead of hiding behind an anonymous tag. Too bad you don’t.

      What should I be grateful for? Spending $40,000 for three letters and acquiring no new knowledge? You need a reality check that the world isn’t a place of lovey-dovey courtesies even when people treat you like garbage.

      Get lost.

  10. Mr. Atkinson,

    Thank you for these brave comments, Mr. Atkinson. According to reports, none of the cowardly Deans of Quinnipiac were at the CBEC meeting. Perhaps they were too busy enjoying their summer homes and elitist summer activities. At least UConn’s faculty has the integrity to stand up for what is the most equitable solution for all Connecticut law school graduates.

    Bravo for criticizing the elites of QU. The bar exam is inherently an elitist and racist qualifier for legal practice. It keeps legal practice inaccessible to people of color, and people who don’t have the privilege to dedicate all of their financial, physical, and mental resources to a $4000+ examination.

    Thank you for taking a stand against racism, and against the elitist cowards at QU.


    Robert Booker Huffman

    1. Thank you for your words, but just to be clear for the record, I don’t buy the line that I am taking a stand against racism. I view it more as describing the reality of a student’s life rather than attacking some sort of systemic racism. Absent clear evidence to the contrary showing that the bar exam is discriminatory in more ways than just disparate impact, I reject the entire concept that it perpetuates racism.

  11. Cameron, I wish you the best! Good Luck and please let me know how you’re doing.

  12. The Connecticut bar doesn’t care about the health and safety of attorneys. The bar encourages and awards members who live unhealthy lifestyles. The profession is filled with obese, sedentary, drug addicts.

    As opposed to listening to public health experts, these elitist assholes have chosen to endanger the lives of 500+ in their decision to not hold the exam remotely. Meanwhile, they will provide no assurances that test will be administered safely.

    Why don’t they listen to the doctors and hold the exam remotely? Why are they endangering the lives of people with comorbidities? Why are the endangering the lives of people who live in multi-generational households – so that the family could afford to send them to law school?

    It’s because THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

  13. The gentleman is brilliant, insightful, and spot on in his macro analysis of the current landscape of the fruited plain.

  14. Blatant racism and white privilege throughout – good luck ever getting a job at a real firm.

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