A General Sovereign/Public Employer Distinction: Should Garcetti v. Ceballos Govern Public Employment Cases Concerning Off-Duty Sexual Conduct Instead of Lawrence v. TexasQuinnipiac Law Review, Vol. 38, Issue 3.
Public Appearances:
Infowars Interview – “Why COVID-19 Lockdown Measures Are Unconstitutional”; Infowars (May 30, 2020).
Speaker – “There’s No Public Health Exception To The Bill of Rights”; CT Liberty Rally (May 30, 2020).
Business Panelist – “Building Bridges and Finding Answers: The Opioid Crisis in Connecticut”; Connecticut Bar Association (June 7, 2019).
Speaker – “Cryptocurrency Regulation: Why Wild West Markets Are No Longer Practical”; Quinnipiac School of Law (April 22, 2019).

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  1. So I watched a portion of your video clip above, and am left wondering why you consider yourself a constitutional scholar? You’ve published precisely one law review article as far as I can tell. Did you take any advanced constitutional courses beyond basic constitutional law at QULS? Can an attorney, one year out of law school, really qualify as a constitutional expert? Curious to hear your thoughts.

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